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NZ dietary supplements to support circulation, joint health and over all wellness

The Potted Vine Co. Ltd specialises in producing VineLife®, VineEquine® and VineCanine® supplements made from grape seeds and skins.
Resveratrol, quercetin, polyphenols and bio-flavanoids naturally occur in grape seeds and skins, and research has shown that these naturally occurring phenolics may help to support circulation, joint health and overall wellness.
If you wish to know how VineLife®, VineEquine® and VineCanine® supplements may benefit you, your family and pets, please read the testimonials and useful resources below, or contact us directly and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

New Zealand dietary supplements made from 100% NZ Grape Seeds and Grape Skins

Made in New Zealand, our original supplements are whole, single ingredient products – not extracts. They are made from NZ Sustainably grown, hand harvested grapes, which have been processed and have undergone a natural alcoholic fermentation to make premium wine. This is followed by our drying procedure to make the VineLife® products. The natural yeast, yeast sterols, enzymes and red wine residue are all naturally occurring.

All our supplements are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and do not contain any additives, preservatives or fillers.


VineCanine - 500g

100% NZ Pure and Natural, single ingredient supplement for your dog.

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VineLife - Powder

100% NZ Pure, Natural, Hand Made Dietary Supplement in powder form.

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VineEquine - 500g

100% NZ Pure and Natural, single ingredient supplement for your horse.

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Thank you for you fine products. The difference it makes to by ability to walk is amazing – I suffer from muscle atrophy caused by statins, following a heart attack. I think I would be close to a wheelchair by now, if I wasn’t using VineLife. Everyone here - people, horses and dogs - have been benefiting from the use of your products for a number of years.
..I can not imagine life without Potted Vine products.
It is now part of our daily routine and even though we have tried similar products, we have always come back to VineLife®. 
...We have no hesitation in recommending their product to others and have done so.
Me and my event horses have been using VineLife® and VineEquine® for many years now. I feel my horses bounce back from the strenuous cross-country runs much easier when feeding the VineEquine® to them... I can't do without this product and I think that if it is so good for me it must be really good for the horses too. I don't use any other joint support product now for any of us. Over the last six months we have been feeding about 2 to 3 teaspoons once a week of VineEquine to him (and all our other horses). Today his coat is thick and glossy, with no sign of the rain scald. I wish I had taken a photo to show the difference. I definitely recommend Vine Equine, I give it to all the horses now and they all look really healthy and well as the product is for overall heath in general. Knarla (German Shepherd) broke her back leg at 3 weeks old. Vets had stated she would have a life full of big problems with her hips etc... Knarla is turning 8 this year...  she is fit, healthy, runs everyday. She has been on your product most of her life. You have been life changing for me. Have been taking your product for ten years and all I can think about, is I hope you never stop this amazing product.

Debbie | Auckland

Dale | South Island

Melanie Corbett | NZ

Sophie Wilkinson | NZ

Gail | Auckland

Dawn | North Island

Sharlain | North Island

A client | New Zealand

Rita | Auckland, NZ