What others have to say about VineLife® health supplements

Everyone here – people, horses and dogs – have been benefiting from the use of your products for a number of years. Initially only the people and horses took it and we noticed that we had more energy and experienced less of the effects of a busy life, with me going to the gym before breakfast, sitting in the office at work and then coming home to ride, and all the general physical stuff involved with paddocks full of horses, and James bouncing around in earthmoving equipment. Then when our old dog started to slow down we gave him VineCanine® and it made an amazing difference to him. He was 16 when he died and while his sight and hearing were not all they could have been, he was much more active and comfortable than before he had VineCanine® and it was only the last few weeks of his life we were thinking his time had come. We have also given samples of VineCanine® to friends and family with ageing dogs. The “non-believers” have been the most satisfying – they have come back to us to ask for your contact details as they can’t believe the difference they see in a few days. Particularly with one dog who was being lifted onto a quad bike to go along for the ride as she hated being left at home, and within a week was jumping up there by herself. My horses seem to cope easily with travel and competition and while the 25 year old is now only ridden at home, nobody who sees him for the first time will believe he has left his early teens. In fact all my retired paddock ornaments look as if they are 10 years younger than they really are.
I can not imagine life without Potted Vine products.

Dale | South Island

My husband and I have been using VineLife® products for four years now after hearing about them from a friend and then phoning Carolin and discussing with her the benefits of grape seed and skins for supporting joint mobility and general wellbeing. It is now part of our daily routine and even though we have tried similar products, we have always come back to VineLife®. It is re-assuring to know that all the ingredients are natural and from New Zealand. Carolin and Nigel are passionate about their product and its reputation, and you know that you can use it with every confidence both in them and the product. It is also reassuring to know that they are so accessible if there is anything you would like to discuss with them, and that you are not dealing with a corporate giant. We have no hesitation in recommending their product to others and have done so.

Melanie Corbett | NZ

Me and my event horses have been using VineLife® and VineEquine® for many years now. I feel my horses bounce back from the strenuous cross-country runs much easier when feeding the VineEquine® to them, especially when competing in a three day event. I often get asked if I even did the cross-country phase as my horses looked so full of energy on the final show jumping day. I personally can find it difficult riding many horses at the competitions and giving each horse my all, then knowing I need to do the same the following or final competition day, when my body will feel the strain from the day before. But it seems with VineLife®, I too feel full of energy. So between me and my team we wouldn’t do without it, and I believe our results show it!

Sophie Wilkinson | NZ

I can’t do without this product and I think that if it is so good for me it must be really good for the horses too. I don’t use any other joint support product now for any of us.

Gail | Auckland

I wanted to let you know how great your product is and that it works….

I have 20 year old ex-race horse that had suffered with very bad rain scald most of his life, particularly on his back. It became so bad that we had to call the vet to administer antibiotics several times. Over the last six months we have been feeding about 2 to 3 teaspoons once a week of VineEquine to him (and all our other horses). Today his coat is thick and glossy, with no sign of the rain scald. His old owner did not even recognize him as he looks so good.

I wish I had taken a photo to show the difference.

Thank you for such a great product.

Dawn | North Island

In November 2013 I offered a couple of rescue miniature horses, in rather bad condition, a home.

Cupcake was rising 3 years old and had terribly long hoofs. In my opinion, they had not been trimmed for months, possibly even years. She was given her first trim before her journey to us. Before this Cupcake could not even walk, only shuffle.

Cupcake had her second trim at my place from my farrier. He asked me to come and have a look at her hooves and I could not believe my eyes. They were bleeding, the hoof was yellow with a fibre-like appearance, and the hoof wall had separated about 8mm from the hoof on all four feet. I had never seen Laminitis before so was shocked at what I was looking at. It was severe, it was like she was walking on glass.

We took her off grass and all grain for 5 weeks. She was fed soaked hay and hard fed. She made some progress but she was still uncomfortable. Margaret Miles told me about a product called VineEquine, which helped with circulation among others things. I read that blood circulation in the hoof was really important to the recovery so I gave it a go. About 2 days later I noticed she was walking a lot better, if not normally, so we started putting her with the others on limited grass and had no setbacks. The farrier came up and said that although her hoof had not improved, it had not got any worse either. He came again 6 weeks later, and could not believe what he saw. Her hoof had grown completely back to the wall on all four feet and the rings around the hoof had changed. He said he had never seen a horse recover so quickly and completely. I swear by VineEquine.

Both rescue minis also had terrible coats, very wiry and unhealthy. After feeding them VineEquine they have nice soft coats. In fact I feed it to all my miniature horses. VineEquine is also great for the natural colour of the coats. I have a black miniature, whose coat looked anything from grey to a horrible brown. Since he has been on VineEquine he has a rich black coat.

I definitely recommend Vine Equine, I give it to all the horses now and they all look really healthy and well as the product is for overall heath in general.

Sharlain | North Island

History of Knarla (German Shepherd) broke her back leg at 3 weeks old, this is now approx 3-2 cm shorter than the other and vets had stated she would have a life full of big problems with her hips etc…

Knarla is turning 8 this year…  she is fit, healthy, runs everyday. She has been on your product most of her life.

A client | New Zealand

You have been life changing for me. Have been taking your product for ten years and all I can think about, is I hope you never stop this amazing product.

Rita | Auckland, NZ