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110 capsules


  • To support wellness, circulation, join health and more…
  • Aids mobility by assisting anti-inflammatory response
  • Supports the immune, circulatory and digestive systems
  • Assists energy and general health
  • Pure and Natural nutrients and anti-oxidants

These products are entirely hand-made, so, just like wine, there can be slight variations – for more info please contact us on the phone number below.

The size of the capsule shown on the label is 600mg (average weight). The analysis is on the 650mg. We made this decision after consultation with the company that does the encapsulation of our product. Given that this product is so individual, with every batch processed, there are always differences in the amount that can be compacted into the capsule. We feel it is a more accurate representation to present you with an average weight instead.

In our contact with Medsafe we have been told that they class our product in the ‘low risk category’ as it is a single ingredient as well as a natural product.

This is such a pure product and as a result there are no missing links and mother nature’s chain is not broken in any way.

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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